We love that Houzz contains articles, no matter how old, that have very useful tips and wisdom. We point your attention to the article, 10 Top Tips for Getting Bathroom Tile Right, by JW (John Whipple) July 11, 2012. The only thing we might add to this article’s main points is an emphasis on communication. Communicate with your contractor. Make sure the contractor/and/or tile installer communicates with each other, with the designer, with the person providing the materials — so that every detail is as clear as possible, and as you envision it. Repeat back the style names, order numbers, quantities, amounts, pricing. Clarify materials that are to be ordered in square feet and in line feet. Make sure all parties involved are on the same page. This will help tremendously toward a great outcome.

Check out the article below to find out the top 10 tips for getting bathroom tile right: