We really appreciate what goes into designing a bathroom or a shower at New Metro Tile Company and enjoy the progress that has been made in the area of Universal Design. That is why we enjoyed this article so much on HGTV.com by Wendy A. Jordan, “Univeral Design Showers: Safety and Luxury.

In this article Ms. Jordan talks about walk-in (aka curbless or barrier-free) showers. She lays out some really solid basic principles to consider when designing for a Universal shower.

We agree that Universal Design can benefit everyone and add to the enjoyment and ease-of-use of any type of bathroom space. It opens up so many options in both design and comfort, and, when combined with newer hardware items like linear (bar) shower drains, the possibilities really open up even more.

We want to bring this to our clients’ attention since some folks may not be aware of Universal Design and it’s many benefits. It it good to know about, so when you get ready to tile or remodel your bathroom or shower area you can perhaps incorporate some of these concepts into your design as you see fit.

Check out our Houzz Ideabook on Linear (bar) Drains (see slideshow below). There are some nice Universal Design bathroom and shower ideas in here, and if you’re not familiar with linear drains you can see those too.