Marazzi - Stone Age, Lost at Sea

Pera Tile - Parquet

DalTile - LimeStone - Arctic Grey

Crossville - porcelain, Clocktower Gotham

Arto Brick - Pata Grande Artillo

DalTile - Yorkwood Manor, Pecan

DalTile - Chalet, Porcelain

Casa Dolce Casa - Belgique


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Adex USA is a brand of tile available at New Metro Tile Company, Los Angeles.
AlysEdwards Tile and Stone is a brand sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles
American Olean tiles are sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles
Arto Brick custom hand-crafted tile, brick, veneer,  pavers, and pool coping (for walls, floors, hardscapes) are sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles..
B&W Tile Mfg, tile specialty pieces are sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles
Bedrosian Tile is sold at New Metro Tile Company, Los Angeles, Ca.
Casa dolce casa™ tiles - available at Los Angeles tile showroom New Metro Tile Company.
Cepac Tile (pool tile, shower tile, bath tile) is a brand sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Coronado Stone is a brand that is sold at New Metro Tile Company in Los Angeles, Ca.
Crossville is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles
DalTile is sold at retail dealer, New Metro Tile, Los Angeles
Dune is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles
Eleganza Tiles is a brand sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles
Emser Tile is sold at retailer showroom, New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
EuroWest Decorative Surfaces brand tile is sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Fujiwa Tiles are sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Gonz Decorations Mexican, Talavera, and Saltillo tile is sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Instalex Tiles is a brand of imported tiles sold at New Metro Tile Company in Los Angeles, CA.
Interceramic is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Iris US is a brand of tiles sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Marazzi is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
MS International is a brand of tile and stonesold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles, Ca
Mulia Tile is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile Los Angeles.
Nonato's Ceramics tile is sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Pacific Clay Products is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Pan American Ceramics is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Pera Tile is sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Porcelanosa is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Siena Stone Decor is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.
Sierra Tile is available at New Metro Tile Company, Los Angeles, CA.
TerraTile is a brand of tile sold at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles.

Floor Tile / Flooring Tile | Residential & Commercial Tile Flooring Los Angeles

Tile Flooring


Find your perfect floor. Visit our showroom


If you’re looking for flooring tile in Los Angeles, Pasadena, or San Gabriel Valley don’t miss our showroom! Our tile flooring store offers a complete selection of outstanding quality tile flooring for every style and budget. In our tile warehouse/showroom you can select from a beautiful array of floor materials, including:

  • Porcelain Floor Tile (Italian porcelain, domestic porcelain, through body porcelain, glazed porcelain, porcelain that looks like wood, porcelain that looks like cement)
  • Ceramic Floor Tile (glazed, un-glazed, pavers)
  • Cement Tile, Concrete Tile Floors
  • Natural Stone Flooring Tile (granite tile, marble, slate tile, limestone tile, travertine tile, flagstone tile, terrazzo tile, river rock, pebble floor tile, quarry tile)
  • Glass Mosaic Tile Floors


There have never been more durable, stylish options for tile floors.


There are now stunning tiles for the floor in porcelain that look like wood, porcelain that look like textiles and fabric, ceramic and Italian porcelain tiles that look like natural stone, glass mosaic tiles specifically rated for floor use, beautiful finishes for cement and concrete tiles, as well as classic and trendy designs in outdoor and patio pavers. We offer a wide array of tile floors that are made for commercial and residential applications, for both interior and exterior use.

WOOD LOOK PLANKS Marazzi - Porcelain Floor, Preservation, at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles

HAND-CRAFTEDJeffrey Court Terra Cotta Floor Tile, at New Metro Tile, Los Angele

CONCRETE PAVERS Arto Brick Pata Grande Concrete Pavers, at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles

Hand-Made / Custom Flooring

We feature custom, hand-made floor tiles, including:

  • Early California Revival
  • Mediterranean Revival
  • Spanish Revival
  • Malibu-Type
  • Craftsman Style.

We also offer options for custom floor medallions.

Commercial Tile Flooring

New Metro Tile in Los Angeles carries commercial tile flooring for high-traffic areas. Our lines of commercial-grade tile for the floor are suitable for industrial, corporate and retail areas requiring maximum durability and minimum maintenance. Some of the manufacturers we carry who offer outstanding selections of commercial tile flooring are Crossville, American  Olean, and DalTile.

Through-Body Porcelain

Through-Body Porcelain is a technology that takes the tile’s design from the surface all the way through the body of the tile. This helps eliminate problems from surface chipping. A popular look for through body porcelain is concrete floor tiles, but many new styles have evolved from elegant wood planks to textiles.

Concrete Tile Flooring

Concrete tiles are available as:

  • tile materials that are actually made of concrete, or
  • tile that is not made of concrete, but is made of other highly durable materials, with a design that looks like concrete
Made of Concrete

Arto Brick is one of our manufacturers who makes tile flooring an exterior veneers that are made of concrete. Their flooring tile lines range from floor tile and patio pavers in Spanish Revival, Traditional Moorish, and Celtic looks to very contemporary types of cladding for buildings.

Concrete-Look / Cement-Look

Combining the proven reliability of porcelain with large format tiles is a winning formula some of our tile manufacturers have used to developed very beautiful tile lines based on a concrete look or cement look. DalTile’s series’, Concrete Connection, and Cotto Contempo™ have done just that. DalTile descibes their Cotto Contempo™ as  “upscale glazed porcelain marries a bold cotto look with elements of cracked cement.” and “a glazed porcelain tile that looks equally great in an urban loft as it does on a patio. The large format tiles add a modern flair that you can install on walls, floors, and countertops.” Porcelanosa is another one of our manufacturers offering an extremely durable ceramic or porcelain floor tile body with a gorgeous concrete look. Marazzi has the highly attractive Concrete Effect Porcelain Stoneware with a hand-made look in neutral colors. Check out their Midtown, XLStreet, and SistemP for outstanding options.

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles can make an area look larger, help spaces flow together well, and they eliminate grout joints, With large format tile it’s easy to run one color continuously for the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Large format tiles come in Spanish and Italian quality porcelain. Sizes are: 12″ x 24″, 18″ x 18″, 20″ x 20″, 24″ x 24″, and coming soon will be a whopping 4′ x 8′ (48″ x 96″)!!! Call us at 323-221-1144 for more information on the latest large format tiles.

Wood-Look Tile / Tile Wood Planks

Gorgeous wood-look tile flooring is now available for any room or area you like. Wood look floor tile is more durable than ever, and comes in many great new styles, from narrow to wide planks, and in many gorgeous varieties of wood tones. When shopping for flooring Los Angeles offers many options. Consider the beauty and ease of a tile floor. Visit our Los Angeles flooring showroom for inspiration and ideas!

Shower Floor Tile | Residential & Commercial Shower Floor Tiles

When it comes to shower floor tile, smaller is almost always better. Traction is important while standing in a shower, and durable mosaics and river rock fit the bill perfectly. They allow the contractor to build a slope to the drain, while having material that conforms easily to do that. Shower floor mosaics can be very tiny, like a 1″ x 1″ size mosaic, but they can also be larger. Check with your designer or contractor if you want larger tile in that area. Many consider 2″ x 2″ to be an ideal size.


Mosaics come in every shape and color. They are available in matte and glossy finishes. You can easily find them in ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, and quite a few other materials. Always make sure that the ones you select are properly rated for a shower floor.


River Rock and Pebble floor (and wall) tile is earthy and beautiful. It can also be quite nice when used as tile for shower floors, and can easily be paired with many shower wall tiles because the more irregular shape that blends beautifully with many styles. Sometimes It can give a perfect amount of contrast to a more traditional wall tile. Regular style river rock or pebble floor tile can be a bit bumpy on the soles of the feet for some people, so make sure it is right for you. Sheared river rock or pebble, however, is very easy on the sole of the foot, while still providing a nice grip. Bottom line, a tile shower requires flooring that is durable, waterproof, and can be set to slope for drainage. Visit our showroom. Check out our beautiful selection of floor tiles for the shower.

We have tile flooring for every style and budget.


This is the best tile store hands down. They have the best prices. Great selection. They serve contractors and home owners both! And if you call and make an appointment they have a FREE designer that I have sent many of my customers too and they all Love her.

Darrel G.

Pasadena, CA, Yelp

Delivery Available.

In-House Designer Available at No Charge to our Customers.

We stock many Tile Accessories & Hardware items for the Shower & Bath.

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