We love the spirit of personal expression in tile. That’s why we enjoyed the Houzz article, “Sometimes Tile Can Be Downright Entertaining” by Becky Harris, January 17, 2018.

In her article, Becky gives insight into the level of whimsy and creativity possible in making a tile design “your own”. Your personal style doesn’t always have to follow convention or a particular style. It can simply be amusing or meaningful to just you!

If you find yourself inspired to seek out the wondrous array of tile designs and choices that would tickle and delight you, then we encourage you to run with it. Whether you seek entertainment, whimsy, or perhaps something more conventional from your tile design and tile accents (i.e. borders, frames, liners, murals, accent tile pieces, fruits, flowers, sea creatures, etc.) we wholeheartedly support you in fulfilling your vision.

The whole idea of creating an enjoyable environment with tile is what New Metro Tile Company’s philosophy is based on. So, when the mood strikes, or the budget allows for you to pursue your next tile project — drop by our extensive Los Angeles tile showroom and explore the possibilities! We’re here to help.

Check out the Houzz tile article here: