In the world of tile backsplashes the choices are many. Choosing a direction for selecting a tile backsplash is worth a significant amount of thought and attention.

We applaud Sam Ferris of Tukasa Creations in Corpus Christi, Tx, who wrote an outstanding article about this very topic. It is called “Battle of the Backsplashes: Glass Mosaics vs. Natural Stone“, Sam Ferris, October 22, 2016,

In this article Sam makes a number of useful and significant points regarding types of material (primarily glass tile mosaics and stone tile), their pros and cons, cleaning concerns, dazzle effect (impact on resale value), and much more, We are certain the information in the article will help many people understand more about tile backsplash materials when designing for and/or purchasing these materials.

We have included a slideshow of Sam’s Houzz article in our post below and hope you enjoy checking it out. If you can, take some time to read the full article on Houzz. And, as always, if you have any further questions about backsplash tile, whether for the kitchen or the bathroom, tub or shower, call us. Or drop in and browse our showroom’s great selection of backsplash tiles.



Eddie B.