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Eddie B., Owner, New Metro Tile Company in Los Angeles, CA.Thanks for stopping by our Tile Blog. We hope you enjoy looking over our tile-related articles, posts, news, updates, and tips. Drop by our Los Angeles tile showroom. We would love to show you what’s new and hear about your latest tile project!

Eddie Bermudez (“Eddie B.”), Owner, New Metro Tile Company

Eddie Bermudez in Los Angeles, CA on Houzz


Tips for Getting Bathroom Tile Right

We love that Houzz contains articles, no matter how old, that have very useful tips and wisdom. We point your attention to the article, 10 Top Tips for Getting Bathroom Tile Right, by JW (John Whipple) July 11, 2012. The only thing we might add to this article’s main points is an emphasis on communication. Communicate with your contractor. Make sure the contractor/and/or tile installer communicates with each other, with the designer, with the person providing the materials — so that every detail is as clear as possible, and as you envision it. Repeat back the style names, order numbers, quantities, amounts, pricing. Clarify materials that are to be ordered in square feet and in line feet. Make sure all parties involved are on the same page. This will help tremendously toward a great outcome.

Check out the article below to find out the top 10 tips for getting bathroom tile right:

How Far Should Backsplash Go?

Here is some great pro advice from Houzz’s Yanic Simard about how to effectively deal with a variety of tile backsplash situations and how to design your overall concept for the best look. This is one of the many useful stories provided by Houzz on how to design with tile.

Where to Start and Stop Your Backsplash
Consider these designer tricks to work around cabinets, windows and more for a finished look in your kitchen
Yanic Simard May 1, 2019

Doggie Showers | Pet Washing Stations

Yes, doggie showers are a thing! While you’re building or changing up your bathroom or laundry room, it’s something to consider to help make life a little easier.

Becky Harris, in her Houzz article, 15 Doggone-Good Tips for a Pet Washing Station, November 10, 2013, (see photos below), provides some great tips and insights to designing a pet washing station or a doggie shower. There are plenty of great ideas to get you going.

Pet lovers are always welcome to stop by our New Metro Tile Company showroom to check out our great shower tile for your personal shower or your doggie’s shower. We’re happy to help!

Finding Discontinued Tile

New Metro Tile Company owner, Eddie Bermudez explains a little bit about the shelf life of tile and why finding a tile that is discontinued is not so easy. He also advises how to prevent the need for a discontinued tile.  

Tile Blog: New Metro Tile Company, Los Angeles - Example: Gainey Metal Deco Tile








Finding Discontinued Tile
by Eddie Bermudez, Owner, New Metro Tile Company, Los Angeles, CA.

The life of tile is either 4 to 5 years. And if the tile is over 3 to 4 years the odds are 2:1 that it’s discontinued and they’re not making it [anymore].

The problem with discontinued tile or tile that’s been put in (i.e. installed), there might be maybe, we’ll say 100 manufacturers. Each manufacturer has 40 to 50 lines of tile. Now tile is basically like automobiles. They discontinue them after 3 to 4 years — especially if they don’t go over (i.e. sell very well).

So when a customer comes in [looking for discontinued tile] it’s hard for us to find exactly who the manufacturer is because in Southern California no one company carries all the manufacturers’ series.

When you are putting a new project together always keep at least 1 or 2 boxes in the garage of the same thing that you’re using. That’s our advice to you.

Note: In addition to new, current, classic, and trendy tile, we sell some very attractive odd lots of more recently discontinued tile in our warehouse. Remember, when purchasing these (or any) tiles — buy enough overage for the project and keep some spare boxes of material in the garage or or in storage. It will save you alot of headache down the road, should you need more and can’t find it.



Showering You with Shower Ideas

We can’t say enough good things about Houzz and the many useful articles they post on their site. The latest one we would like to bring to your attention is “Photo Flip: 50 Showers That Create a Splash: Find fresh inspiration in these bathrooms with mosaic and large-format tiles, pebble flooring and more by Bryan Anthony, January 27, 2017.

As a major Los Angeles tile showroom and dealer we understand that people do not always come to our showroom with design ideas in mind. Sometimes just browsing our vast selection of tile and displays will inspire many. But if you are someone who needs more visuals to see how a space might actually look with different types of tile, and designed in different ways, we suggest that you check out this great article with a diverse array of showers.

Of course, if you’re in the greater L.A. or Southern California area, you are always invited and welcome to visit our showroom at New Metro Tile Company and browse our many beautiful tile collections.


Tile Grout Made Easier

Custom Building Products recently came out with a new enhanced formula of their Fusion Pro™ ready-to-use grout. Their Fusion Pro™ grout requires no mixing, never needs sealing, is easy to spread and clean, and offers high performance in wet areas.

New Metro Tile Company is one of the largest ‘in-stock’ warehouse distributors of Custom Grout in the Los Angeles area. Stop by and check out our great line of tile supplies!


Floor Tile Patterns

When it comes to designing tile patterns for the floor there are some important things to consider. We like Debbie Sniderʼs article, 10 Tile Patterns to Showcase Your Floor, Houzz, November 25, 2011, as a starting point because it can quickly help get you oriented toward a a nice array of floor tile pattern options.

If you have a strong design sense or lean toward a particular tile layout pattern, thatʼs great. When you check out Debbie Sniderʼs article., you never know — you might get some ideas that could sway you toward a different pattern!

Here are a few other things to consider in putting together your floor tile design:

  • Consider the floor size, what its practical purpose is, and whether you want that area to look larger, more intimate, or have the floor be a focal point for the roomʼs design.
  • The size and scale of the floor tile itself may determine some of the pattern choices.
    (For example, very large-scale tile may determine more simplicity and will likely not
    work so well with a smaller scale herringbone-type pattern — unless that pattern is already a part of the tile’s motif. Also, there are many variants of tile shapes such as round, oval, or other shapes of tile that will also effect the type of layout pattern).
  • Get tile samples and try out the patterns youʼre considering to see which ones work best in your space.

For tile layout ideas that are not specific to floors check out Tile Layouts – How to Choose the Best One.

We invite you to visit our Los Angeles tile showroom or call us with any questions you may have. We’re here to help!

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Ideas

It is always good to toss around some new ideas, suggestions, and different ways of looking at tile. Houzz, in the article 13 Tile Ideas You’ll Want to See by , February 1, 2018, has done just that. Whether a DIY or a seasoned professional, here are some great ideas to spark your creativity and imagination for tile layouts and designs for the kitchen or bathroom.

And when you’re ready to browse the outstanding selection of tile we have for your project — visit our wonderful tile showroom at New Metro Tile in Los Angeles. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can!

Tile Design – Personal Expression and Whimsy

We love the spirit of personal expression in tile. That’s why we enjoyed the Houzz article, “Sometimes Tile Can Be Downright Entertaining” by Becky Harris, January 17, 2018.

In her article, Becky gives insight into the level of whimsy and creativity possible in making a tile design “your own”. Your personal style doesn’t always have to follow convention or a particular style. It can simply be amusing or meaningful to just you!

If you find yourself inspired to seek out the wondrous array of tile designs and choices that would tickle and delight you, then we encourage you to run with it. Whether you seek entertainment, whimsy, or perhaps something more conventional from your tile design and tile accents (i.e. borders, frames, liners, murals, accent tile pieces, fruits, flowers, sea creatures, etc.) we wholeheartedly support you in fulfilling your vision.

The whole idea of creating an enjoyable environment with tile is what New Metro Tile Company’s philosophy is based on. So, when the mood strikes, or the budget allows for you to pursue your next tile project — drop by our extensive Los Angeles tile showroom and explore the possibilities! We’re here to help.

Check out the Houzz tile article here:


Tile Layouts – How to Choose the Best One

When our customers purchase tile they often know what they like but don’t always know how to coordinate the look. When designing a tile project the layout is very important. It can determine the final result, and even the size of the tiles you might choose to work with.

We really like this article on Houzz, “How to Choose the Right Tile Layout” by Yanic Simard. It is a great primer on things to consider when choosing the right tile layout for your project.

We hope you take a moment to check it out.


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