When it comes to designing tile patterns for the floor there are some important things to consider. We like Debbie Sniderʼs article, 10 Tile Patterns to Showcase Your Floor, Houzz, November 25, 2011, as a starting point because it can quickly help get you oriented toward a a nice array of floor tile pattern options.

If you have a strong design sense or lean toward a particular tile layout pattern, thatʼs great. When you check out Debbie Sniderʼs article., you never know — you might get some ideas that could sway you toward a different pattern!

Here are a few other things to consider in putting together your floor tile design:

  • Consider the floor size, what its practical purpose is, and whether you want that area to look larger, more intimate, or have the floor be a focal point for the roomʼs design.
  • The size and scale of the floor tile itself may determine some of the pattern choices.
    (For example, very large-scale tile may determine more simplicity and will likely not
    work so well with a smaller scale herringbone-type pattern — unless that pattern is already a part of the tile’s motif. Also, there are many variants of tile shapes such as round, oval, or other shapes of tile that will also effect the type of layout pattern).
  • Get tile samples and try out the patterns youʼre considering to see which ones work best in your space.

For tile layout ideas that are not specific to floors check out Tile Layouts – How to Choose the Best One.

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