Porcelain Tile vs. Ceramic Tile

There are so many beautiful tiles to choose from and so many types of material. So when it comes to choosing ceramic tile or porcelain tile for your project — which one is better?

We thought this Houzz article sums it up beautifully:


So, to paraphrase:

  • If you need maximum water resistance, in general, go with porcelain
  • If you don’t need maximum water resistance, either one would be a good choice

Although this article talks about ceramic tile being more cost-effective than porcelain tile, we can always help you find a quality porcelain tile to fit your budget. Also, know that there are plenty of very rich-looking high-end ceramic tiles available, too.

As for ceramic vs porcelain tile installation, the cost is determined more by other factors (See our article, Why are showers so costly to tile?): the size of the space, the size of the tile (to some degree) how complex the angles are (some installations have very odd angles to maneuver), how many surfaces there are to cover, how many extras are involved, such as benches, soap niches, and custom, complex patterns and cuts. Also, it costs a little more to hire a contractor who is licensed and bonded. But given all that, using similarly-sized material, the cost of installation for ceramic vs porcelain tile should be fairly close.

Before purchasing any tile it is always a good idea to consider how the area will be used. You always want to match or exceed the tile’s durability to to situation in which it will be used.

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