Essentials To Consider When Choosing Tile

Carmin Holding Spanish Revival Tile at New Metro Tile, Los Angeles

1. Honor the style of your home.

If your home is a traditional style home, built after 1900, say, a 1920’s, 30’s or 40’s style home, then try to create an interior look with those style choices in mind. But what if you don’t prefer that style? What if you prefer a style very different from that of your home’s style? Then, keep in mind transitional style. This is where you combine 2 different styles so they work nicely together. In transitional style you might only use your home’s style very sparingly. Even a small nod to you home’s natural style can bring about a more pulled-together sense of the space. On the other hand, creating only accents with your preferred style can really showcase and feature that style.

You can always lean toward a different different style completely, if you wish, but the suggestion here is to at least try to defer to the original style, even if only in some small ways. Honoring that original style can be the difference between a space looking disconnected or congruous.

2. Buy tile to match the quality of your home.

If you live in a nice house, spend a little more on better quality tile. It will show.

3. When in doubt, rely on black and white.

Black and white is a classic look that will never go out of fashion. It is crisp, clean, and elegant. If you’re not sure which colors to choose, then black and white (or variations such as creamy off-white or gray) will serve you well.

Visit Carmin and the staff at New Metro Tile for help with coordinating your tile style and color choices. Appointments with Carmin are free to New Metro Tile customer on Saturdays (Thursday and Friday also, depending on Carmin’s availability).

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